Our farm

Our history

The story of the Garnier family is told through our farm. We inherited it from grandfather Garnier, who arrived there in 1937. Since 1986, Sylvain, the father, has been taking care of its daily operations. Eliane, the mother, joined him in 1992 when the dairy processing adventure began. And recently, in 2008, it is the eldest son, Anthony, who settled in the breeding. A true family story!

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Our Milk Cows

The herd is made up of 85 Prim'Holstein dairy cows (and a few crossbreeds from Normandy and Montbéliardes).

From March to the end of October, they graze freely in the meadow. The rest of the year, they stay in the building where they feed on hay, grass silage and corn silage (GMO-free and produced on the farm). They are then placed in stalls with mattresses and straw for more comfort. For those who prefer it, a straw area is also available. Sylvain and Anthony take care of the milking twice a day (morning and evening), with only one watchword: cow well-being and hygiene!

Our products

Our suckling cows

About ten Charolais cows

About ten Charolais cows are fed hay and grass, which they graze in the meadow. We give them the greatest care for a well-being throughout their lives. We sell this very good quality meat in packages from 10 kg to 12 €/kg. To book it is very simple: you can send us a message through our Facebook page and we will reply as soon as possible to let you know the next date of receipt.

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Milk Cows



Suckling cows

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Our store


You can find our products in our farm shop every day from 9am to 8pm without interruption. Our farm shop operates independently, it is based on trust in our customers and it is a great success! Help yourself freely!

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Milk processing

In an artisanal way

The preparation is still done by hand for many steps, which guarantees a unique taste. The manufacturing principle of white, cream and faisselles cheeses is quite similar. The milk arrives at the laboratory during milking and is used immediately: it is first skimmed in vats, pasteurized and then inoculated with lactic ferments. After a draining time necessary to dry the product, the fromage blanc (or faisselle) is put in jars. For the cream, no draining: the preparation is poured directly into the jars. These are then labelled, and it's ready!

Nos produits

Why us?

Family business

Four generations of the Garnier family have succeeded each other since 1937.

Local products

Our products are available in our farm shop, our markets (Flers and Alençon) and the local supermarkets (60 km away).

Cows fed GMO-free feed

Our cows are fed as much as possible with products from the farm (pasture, hay, silage), all guaranteed GMO-free.

What our customers say

“Nothing better than consuming local especially when it's a treat. whether it's dairy or meat parcels, we are never disappointed ... a great report quality/price. In short I recommend 👍 ”
Audrey Brre

“I recommend without hesitation selling directly to the farm on a self-service basis and open in this period of complicated confinement.”
Sophie Ralu

“Great products! I highly recommend!”
Hadrien Ballé

Our Products

We produce plain yoghurts with a wide variety of flavours (blueberry, lemon, vanilla, raspberry... a choice for all gourmets!).

The jars of our yoghurts are made of glass and can therefore be reused: you can bring them back to us. No waste! We also produce faisselle cottage cheese (400 gr) and fresh cream (25 cl or 50cl).

Where to find our products

Find us on the markets:

Alençon on Thursday and Saturday morning

Flers on Saturday morning

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